Going less active

In a life of a developer I think there are phases during which you just want to code less. I have wrote a lot of code these almost two last decades and I enjoyed it a lot.

Most of my projects are either hobbies or served me in a specific time either because I didn’t find a tool that matched my needs or I just wanted to experiment as a laboratory but always with the rigorous robustness I try to target.

About irccd

The project I worked the most is obviously irccd and I like its shape. However let’s be honest, IRC isn’t going somewhere anytime soon and even if IRC servers are still used it’s just a truth that IRC bots are just less common than before. I have not received a lot of comments of users in the last years, maybe they are just satisfied by its current implementation or they went away from IRC at all. In any case I think irccd is considered as feature finish and therefore I don’t plan to update it any long except for bugs and critical issues. This does not mean it’s no longer maintained, it just means that it won’t get any development activity in the next years.

For packagers reading this, I recommend that you check my statement dedicated to this particular issue.

Do not remove my packages from your distributions because it don’t gets new releases, unless it fails to build or has a major blocking issue send me a bug and I’ll fix it.

All software listed in the above link are considered maintained as long as they are listed and expect from me fixes when needed.

About molko

One of my lifetime project is Molko, it changed a lot since the beginning in terms of programming languages, technologies, features and so on. I don’t think I’ll get to something usable in the next few years because I have much more activities than coding and unfortunately scheduling time is pretty hard so I decided to go directly to the livings that I enjoy the most.

Mailing lists

Given that my projects were used in a quite silent manner I also close the mailing lists as their traffic was almost nonexistent. Use my direct email address when you want to reach me for any issue.